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Are you looking for a commercial insurance expert witness for your case?

There are hundreds of sub-categories of insurance across the broad spectrum of life, health, property and casualty insurance.  So, it’s important that you retain an expert that is qualified and credible in the specific insurance issues relative to your case.  Greg Doherty focuses his expert witness practice just two areas of commercial insurance:


  • Commercial General Liability including Product Liability
  • Insurance Agents and Brokers Errors and Omissions (aka Professional   Liability)


Greg Doherty spent almost fifty years as an active commercial insurance broker.  He is now offering his consulting service to lawyers and laypersons in order to de-mystify insurance and risk management transactions, customs and practices in these two niches of insurance.  His goal is to assist lawyers with case review, organization and testimony at trial, as may be necessary.

CGL/Product Liability

Greg is well schooled on this subject, having spent the last twenty years as a niche broker and consultant for the U.S. dietary supplement industry, which has a perceived reputation as a “dangerous” product liability risk.  He became the recognized authority on this subject, publishing over forty articles on the technical aspects of product liability for that industry; this body of work can be found at his website In addition, Greg holds the professional insurance certifications of Certified Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) and Associate in Risk management (ARM).  He is a licensed Property Casualty broker in California, and resides in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Greg has experience in all related areas of CGL/Product Liability insurance, including underwriting procedures and standards as well as policy forms and coverage analysis, including interpretation of technical coverage parts of a CGL/Product Liability policy such as:

Insurance Agents and Brokers E&O/Professional Liability

When an insurance claim is denied, an insured often begins looking for other possible sources from which to recover its losses—this is particularly true when the denial comes as a surprise to the insured.  Often, the potential source of recovery focuses on the insureds insurance agent or broker.

If this happens, the question is whether, and under what circumstances, is a broker potentially liable to the insured for breaching his duties.  And not incidentally, just what is the nature of the duties that the broker owes to the insured?  Add the real probability that the broker will involve his E&O insurer in the fray, and the complexity of the situation increases.

During his career, Greg Doherty was employed by three multinational insurance brokers and four U.S.-based regional insurance brokerage firms.  He observed that over the years, there has been a trend of insureds increasing their reliance on brokers to determine the appropriate types and amounts of coverage they should obtain.  In addition, insurance programs have become more complex, exacerbating the danger for brokers

In this environment, there are many questions that need to be answered when a broker is involved in a professional liability dispute with as insured:

  • where does a broker’s duties to the insured end, and when does the insureds own obligations preclude reliance on the broker?
  • does a broker/insured relationship create a fiduciary duty for the broker?
  • how does the existence of a “special relationship” between the broker and an insured affect the duties the broker owes to the insured?
  • what is a brokers Standard Of Care owed to his client, and can that SOC vary on a case by case basis depending on the fact situation?

Greg Doherty can assist you with your case in these two niche areas of commercial insurance.  Call him at 626-840-0270 (Pacific time zone) or send him an email.

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